Friday, 7 January 2011

This was an advert that recently featured in the Christmas edition of Rouleur magazine. A little background on the add. I was trying to design an image that showed something extra about what we are trying to achieve, from my self personally, the values of the company and everything to do with the product and the business. I went for a shot off road on Dartmoore up a very steep path but on a road bike with slick tires. This was to represent that we should not settle for other peoples limits. A version of 'Impossible is nothing' type message, as the path is totally impassable on a Mountain bike let a lone a road bike. Then I wanted to use some text with depth and meaning of its own. This is the first half of a Shakespeare quote that I really like. "Boldness has genius magic and power." I love it and it perfectly represents my attitude when I consider what I can achieve. Lastly we added a little post production on the lighting to give it that moody serious look. I feel serious about my job as director because I want to succeed and deliver a quality product with a quality service. Nothing less will do. I hope you like it.


  1. Yanto thanks for sharing the advert and story behind it - more than a few won't have seen it via Rouleur. PS. I always enjoyed catching you doing commentary on!

  2. I immediately raised my eyebrows when I first looked at this image - incredible stuff, being perched on a road bike and slick tires like that.

    It really gives off a sense of resonance in not accepting limitations in life. There is only one of us, and we are the only ones who can be the best at who we are, if we want to. I think that makes sense?