Friday, 28 January 2011

Form cycles

This week has been a good one training. We have done some quality miles on great roads which is all contributing to what I hope will be my most successful season so far. I am someone who needs to achieve the goals I set for my self. I don't ride round for the sake of it and this season is no different. I have been working on base miles but with some good quality intensity and strength work added in. One thing to consider is that all the intensity we do out training will bring us up in our own personal biological 'Form Cycle' part of being a successful athlete is understanding these cycles and how the racing and training intensity is influencing them. Then you can make your best form a choice not an accident. It takes a sixth sense to listen to on many occasions. You have to pay attention to the subtle indications your body is giving you every day and interpret them correctly. Then you know where you are and what to do about it. This makes it a real pleasure racing, you can then manage your expectations on what you will be capable of at any time. This I am sure will contribute vastly to the amount of success and failure you will experience in your season. Success is relative to our expectations. If we have managed them well they will match our capability, and if we have done the work out on the bike we should be able to fulfill our capability. That's the goal for the season any way, without being too soft so as to set your expectations too low and never truly fulfill out potential, but also not be unrealistic about what we want to achieve. How much you want to get out of your self, how close you want to push to the limit will depend on how much stress and pressure we are willing to manage on a daily basis. This will give you your ceiling. Have a think about how much pressure you are willing to manage to achieve your goals.

Enjoy the process.

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