Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Training with the pro's

Here is an interesting thing. Training with the Pro's is easier then training with amateurs. What?? I hear you say. Well its like this, I have spent all winter up to the 12th of Jan training with the boys in London, they come out for a day here and a day there. But a common theme is that they have very limited time to ride, so they really make an effort to make the most of every min they are out by pressing on. Basically half wheeling me. This is not a major problem until you start doing 25h a week and more. Then its an issue when its some one different every day because 5-10h/week is not enough time to ride your self into a box, but 25h00 is! So all the guys come out with me and smash it for 3h00 and go home happy, I go home tired because I did 5 the day before and will do 5 the day after. Here with the Pro's they all train steady because were all respectful of the kind of miles everyone is doing. Don't get me wrong, when it goes hard it goes really hard, but the efforts are much more controlled structured and much faster! Like they should be! Most of these guys have coaches and none of them are just setting out to smash it all day, because that makes you into a mono speed incapable of responding to serious changes in pace which is what wins races. All you guys out there keen to make the most of training to get better results in races need to keep this in mind. A structured approach to training will make you much faster! Training hard makes you strong, training properly makes you fast, they are not the same. Food for thought.....

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