Saturday, 29 August 2009

Today is the first day for 8 days I have gone out to do anything longer then 3h00 since cracking my knee on my MTB as I went over the handlebars. It just so happened I set of at 7:30am and snapped my rear gear cable after 15mins. So I kept riding till it was 9:00am and I could go to a shop and buy a new one. So I spent 1h15 riding around Dartmoore on 39/12. It is actually quite a big gear!! I could feel my knee starting to give me a bit of a niggle after 2h00 or so but thought nothing of it. You know I thought I will just go harder so as the pain in my muscles takes over my attention. (stupid fool I am) Any way caried on as you do and got to 3h15 and my knee is really starting to give me pain. I stop at a friends house and take a double dose of ibuprofen and carry on. finished my ride 6h10 with heaps of climbs. Am I stupid or hard or both??? Some time I wonder! After shower iced knee and resting and don't feel too bad now painkillers have stopped working. We will see. If i have to take 6months off with knee trouble I will know it was the wrong decision!

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