Sunday, 16 August 2009

Its the morning after my first proper MTB race in Brighton called the Brighton Big Dog and it was an enduro 6h00 event. Sounds like fun, well I seriously questioned that after 25mins when the pain in my back grew unbearibly as I tried to keep up with the teams doing a relay. I did the solo category and 6h00 on your own with soo much single track gets very tiring, especially for a roady like me! After 1h30 I settled into a rythm and time seamed to pass fairly quick. The Colnago Ibex was fantastic and reliable. I was very pleased not to fall off as it is easy to do especially when you are tired, a few close calls was all but your not racing unless you get those. Kept repeating to my self, 'you make up more time not loosing time,' just incase I got carried away and tried to ride beyond my self.

Good days work though, met lots a very friendly people and it was nice to arrive at such a relaxed atmosphere at the event. I think that is when you have people doing a fun ride at the same event as the seriouse racing it helps keep the atmosphere light, some alcohol and music at the finish and everyone is happy. Also when the corse is in the woods and not on public roads apart from up setting a few dog walkers, you can afford to be more relaxed as you are not sharing the space with so many other people trying to go on their summer holidays and getting stressed about being held up.

Thank you to Magnus Backstedt and the team for all the support and the race number. Would have a been a much more dificult without them.

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