Monday, 28 September 2009

This was a chance to pose for the camera for both Jeremy and my self as we took the ferry from Kingswear to Dartmouth. This was 5 mins before I realized I had punctured for the second time today. Being both Useless when it comes to spares neither Jez or I had a pump and tube between us. Jez brought a tube but no pump and I had nothing. Dartmouth has no bike shop so I did 12 miles on Jez's wheel at 20mph to Totnes on a flat back tire. In all fairness the tire held up fine, thankfully Jeremy was going through a bad patch on this long 6h00 ride so I kept up. (I got a kicking later at about 5h30). I truly great ride if you are ever in Devon there are some beautiful roads to choose from!
Here is a quick shot of Myself Colin Lewis, mentor and friend, plus Big Jez who gave me a kicking all week over Dartmoore.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The not so exciting part of running your own business, today has been spent mostly dealing with Vat payments and very boring paper work. Its all part of it though! I did manage an early morning cofffe with Darren Moore and also a quick spin round Richmond park as the weather was actually quite good. Job done!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Richmond Park team Le Col

Here are a couple of the guys in some of the Team kit. This was a megga day, warm, sunny, good coffee as you can see and great company. We had real laugh!

Tea with the Queen

This weekend I have done some good riding. With my knee starting to feel quite a bit better on a diet of mostly steady training, myself and some of the guys have been out on a couple of good rides in the park. Then today out to Windsor, a nice 120k flat run with just a bit of wind to contend with. But with a good caffe there (the Queen was out) it was a good days training at 32k/h average.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

London commuting with the Green Marine!

This is a short clip riding home with the Green Marine Mr Pye.
Today is Wednesday and I have not ridden since Saturday last week due to an injury sustained messing about on the MTB and going over the handlebars. Well its still not better 3 weeks later and I went to the physio to get some advice, He explained that I have bruised the cartilage under the kneecap and that when I ride it inflames by rubbing together. He said if I just keep riding I will rough the cartilage and then it will be 3-6month off the bike for sure. So I am more then a little frustrated to be indoors as the weather is beautiful outside!

I guess the only consolation is that I have directed my energy else where and been very productive with the business side of things. As this season draws to a close we are already having a look at new products and styles for next year, they take so long to put into production you have to prepare early! Check out

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Today (Wednesday the 2nd of September) I set off for my ride in the dry, only for it to start raining after about 15 mins. Normally this would get right on my nerves but today I relished the opportunity to turn right round and head straight home........ to get my windstopper jacket that I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear for months and head right back out again to finish my training. Sad?....... Probably. But now at least I know the changes I made have improved the garment in the way I wanted.

The other exciting thing that happened today was my team caps arrived. Black with white gold white stripe and white with white gold white stripe and they look great! Its all coming together so by the end of this month it should all be ready to go, fingers crossed.