Friday, 1 January 2010

Cold weather training!!

Last week was a week of cold weather training. I am of the opinion that I would rather go out in conditions like this rather then do 3h00 on the turbo, which I don't have so its not even an option. People ask 'But are you not worried about coming off?' I am worried about crashing but no more then on any other training day, the road is a dangerous place, ice or no ice, the dangers change and you have to focus on different areas of danger, but danger is danger.

In this photo, we are in Windsor park, where it was lethal!! We road out on the main roads which had all been treated and arrived at Windsor park on our usual route and decided it would probably be OK after venturing 200-300 meters up the park road, only for it to get progressively worse as we went a long till it became sheet ice right across the road, it was not black ice, it was very visible and dangerous. We ended up cycling up the grass verge for 3 miles to get the rest of the way round to the main road. Two chaps came down out of 4 but only at about 10 miles/hour and did not hurt them selves so it was a little lucky because people have broken their legs falling off going slower.

My tips to enjoy cold weather training: Wear lots of good kit, multiple layers of wind proof/waterproof clothing usually work combined with soft warm base layers. Double layers on legs and good gloves and over shoes are a necessity!! Ride like there is ice every where, if you are unsure play safe and be careful. Your average speed will b less then usual but you will have a good sense of satisfaction when you get back.


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