Thursday, 5 November 2009

Been a while since I posted anything here. I am running a business and it has taken priority with a few issues that needed sorting out over the past few weeks. Back now though!

I have been getting in the training quite a bit. I felt like this season was a bit up and down with my form because I had very few miles under my belt after starting training again in November last year for this season. So with 3 years worth of extra motivation to use up I decided to train right through this winter without a break. I am doing 15-20 hours a week at the moment usually averaging out at about 375miles/week. I am working on position, staying aero and low, plus power, so lots of SE hill efforts in big gear on the drops. Makes you suffer if you begin doing them from the start after 5h00!! Advice from the big man Jez Hunt so I trust it will pay off. Any way if its hurting its working...... Thats the secret to getting the best out of yourself!

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  1. Fantastic stuff!!

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