Sunday, 13 February 2011

This was entering the changing rooms after the 2011 Perfs pedal and first race of the season. I was deceptively cold and miserable but never one to complain put on a happy face for John Cannings who took it. Honestly I was really pleased to get to this time in the season when we get a number and all the hurting counts for something even if it was properly cold and wet all day.

I would really like to mention how Magnus did a great job today. He commands such a lot of respect in his team that is clear, he also rides as an example, happy to smash it on the front for his teammates. He influenced the race and made it feel very continental in style where I think we did 7 full laps and the last one was the fastest where the break was formed and the winner emerged. That is good racing and I hope to see more of it this season. It will benefit everyone in the long run as we all start to race faster.

I was pleased with my form and had a good day, crossed a few gaps, made a few efforts and ultimately could do what I wanted. I am very pleased with my form, it is only Feb and there will be lots more to come as the season really gets going. For the rest of this month there will be a Springtime pursuit in Devon and then its off to Majorca for 2 weeks training with the team.

Till the next time take care.